Aims – Objectives

The extent and consequences of IAS is becoming clear at EU level. This means that action is necessary in order to prevent their colonization, develop early detection and rapid eradication systems and also apply management measures to eradicate or at least contain already established species. The project addresses both aspects, kick-starting the first targeted effort for IAS detection and management in Greece, aiming to:
  • Establish an early warning and rapid eradication system for IAS in Northern Greece
  • Develop an integrated information system for existing and future IAS data
  • Eradicate the feral American mink population in 2 SPAs & control of its population in the surrounding areas
  • Improve current knowledge, organization and cooperation mechanisms between stakeholders on IAS
  • Raise public awareness on the threat of IAS and their impacts
  • Increase security & establish a response protocol in fur farms in case of emergency


This project has received funding from the European Union’s LIFE programme (LIFE18NAT/GR/000430)

With the contribution of the Green Fund