LIFE ATIAS EWS, the Mobile app is now available on Google Play

Available on Google Play is the Android mobile app, LIFE ATIAS EWS, by following the link The mobile app is part of early warning system developed by the project LIFE ATIAS (LIFE18/NAT/GR/000430).

The app allows users to record sightings of specific invasive alien mammals, namely coypu, racoon dog and muskrat, that have been reported in Greece, but also American mink. Users can report a sighting by selecting the species and then adding data on the location of the sighting, the area, the number of individuals of the species and other information. In addition, it is possible to include a photograph of the species by users, which will be used to verify the identification of the species. User registration is optional, while the possibility to log in is provided only for certified users of the competent bodies for the management of invasive species, i.e. the Forestry Service, the Management Units of protected areas and the Hunting Federations.Moreover, American mink breeders are also able to connect and can use it to alert the authorities and other breeders in case of mass releases or escapes from their mink farms, in order to activate the rapid intervention protocol developed by the LIFE ATIAS project.